Tokyo NODAI Special Master Program

Are you willing to continue your study in Japan? Tokyo University of Agriculture (Tokyo NODAI) is looking for outstanding students to participate in a two-year special master degree’s program. The purpose of the program is to develop the critical thinking of outstanding students in the field of agriculture and life sciences, as well as playing a bridging role between IPB and Tokyo NODAI. Tokyo NODAI will provide financial assistance in the term of reduction and exemption of tuition and other fees based on the regulations of Tokyo University of Agriculture Educational Corporation. In addition to tuition fees exemption, Tokyo NODAI will also provide scholarship funds for the selected students (45,000 yen per month up to 11 months).

If you are interested in pursuing a master degree in Japan, you can try submitting your application to Tokyo NODAI and applying for the scholarship. You can find the requirements and the detailed information (program, departments, schools and registration procedures) in this link:

Please send your application to before 3 September 2018. Please type “Tokyo NODAI_Special Master Program_[Name]” on the subject.