Summer Course on Understanding Physical Processes of Turbulent Mixing and Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction in Lombok Strait, Bali Indonesia

This summer course was held on the 20 – 30th of August  2017. This summer course was attended by 7 foreign students and 3 lecturers and foreign associates who are active in international research collaboration, which are: University of Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) Paris France, and other universities in France, Germany or Australia. The participants at the national level includes associates from within the country which includes young research staff, post graduate students from the Research Center from the Ministry and universities in Indonesia, such as UNUD Bali, BPOL Bali and BMKG Bali, and other Research Centers and Universities.

The scope of this summer course includes class and field activities: class activities for 3 days, field activities (short cruise) for 4 days, data processing and analysis for 3 days and compiling a report and group presentation for 1 day.

The summer course program includes courses such as a theoretical introduction and a comprehensive research from a literature within the scope of the study; the main activity is the field trip which includes orientation and data gathering for 2 days and a sailing trip for 5 days as an integrated field trip, and the second activity is data/sample processing and analysis. The third activity is a group presentation from a draft which will be submitted to the well-known journal. If you have any question about this program, please visit this site