Summer Course on Management of Indonesian Small Scale And Medium Enterprises (Missme)

The Summer Course on Management of Indonesian Small Scale  And Medium Enterprises (Missme) was held on 6th -17th August 2017. This course was organized by the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Management, IPB.  The summer program attended by 16 foreign participants and IPB students. The participants consist of 9 (nine) Malaysian, 5 (five) Thailand, 1 (one) Vietnam, and 13 (thirteen) Indonesian student. with various backgrounds of academic study program.

During the training, the participants were given lectures in class room related to the general topic of Small Scale and Medium enterprises (SME) in Indonesia. While in the next weeks, they conducted field visits to the SMEs industry in Bogor, and social activity. IPB offers this program annually, please contact the program coordinator via email .