Summer Course on Inclusive and Sustainable Agribusiness Oil Palm

Summer Course on Inclusive and Sustainable Agribusiness Palm Oil was held on the 7 – 16th of November 2017. This Program was organized by the department of Agribusiness. This Summer Course was held for 10 days in Bogor and Pekanbaru, Sumatra.  The course was divided into two section which was a class activity and an excursion to the Jonggol and Asian Agri at Pelalawan, Riau. This program is attended by 16 participants which includes 12 foreign students and 4 IPB students.

There are two types of activities, which are in classroom training and field activities. Learning was held in class with a tutorial method and discussion, while field activities would give the opportunity to visit the plantation and the palm oil factory applying the methods of observation, discussion, interview and field trip.

The first section, the summer course begun with a public lecture for 3 (three) days at IPB’s Darmaga and Baranangsiang Campus, the Participants were given course materials on the 7 – 9th  of November 2017 and an excursion to the Surfactant and Bioenergy Research Center (SBRC).  On the next 5 days the participants visited IPB’s Teaching Palm Oil Farm located in Jonggol. At this location, the participant goes to the plantation with an area of 58,5 Ha and were given harvesting experience. On the next day, the participants visited the Batik Handayani Geulis Gallery & Workshop located at Bogor Baru. The participant is informed about the types and history of Bogor’s Batik Business. The participants were given a special training for 2 hours to handwrite and brand the batik.

The participant left for Pekanbaru, Riau at the day 6. They were given the opportunity to visit the pulp and paper factory owned by Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) located at Pangkalan Kerinci. RGE is a company producing world-class pulp and paper in the manufacture industry based on natural resources. The participants were given the opportunity to observe the process and products produced by Asia Pacific Resources International Holding ltd (APRIL). One of the primary product of APRIL is paper with the brand Paper One, which has been sold in the markets of more than 75 nations in this world. The participants also visited APRIL Asian Agri Learning Institute (AAALI) which is the most prominent training institution focused on plantations in Indonesia. AAALI makes efforts to facilitate the future generation of this nation to acquire guidance and science related to the palnm oil industry. On the last day, the participants were given the opportunity to present the results of their observation and class which they have experienced for 9 days. The presentation starts with a discussion lead by Dr. Bayu Krisnamurti. Each group was given the opportunity to present their opinions and experience for 10-15 minutes which they have acquired in class and in the field.

IPB offers this program annually, If you need any information about this program you may contact Mr. Amzul Rivin at