[IPB-Goettingen University, Germany] Erasmus+ Mobility for Training in the field of International Relations and Higher Education Management

IPB would like to inform you–our IPB academias about 13th International Erasmus+ Staff Training Week at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, GERMANY. The staff training week will take place from 6th – 16th May 2019 and will be integrated with Göttingen International Staff Training Week (06.05.2018 – 10.05.2018). It offers presentations from University of Göttingen and guests, interactive workshops and department[…]

The 14th IPB Talks

  Abstract of our Speaker, Prof. Mark William: Human reconfiguration of the biosphere: a sustainable or unsustainable pattern in the Anthropocene? Mark Williams, School of Geography, Geology and the Environment, University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH, UK Human modification of the biosphere is profound and manifested by a global pattern of species trans-locations,[…]

The 11th IPB Talks on Complexity and Sustainability Sciences “Land Use Change, Water and Drought”

      Directorate of International Program held The 11th IPB Talks on Complexity and Sustainability Sciences “ Land Use Change, Water, and Drought” on July 10, 2018. Dr. Henny A.J. Van Lanen as Associate Professor Wageningen University and Research (WUR) delivered his presentation about“ Drought: Part of a Multi-hazard Early Warning System”. Dr. Suria[…]

The 5th LISAT Symposium 2018: Abstract Submission

The 5th LISAT Symposium 2018 is coming around the corner! The series of the event include abstract and paper submission which the abstract submission will be starting from 13 July 2018. The themes of this year’s LISAT Symposium are agriculture, marine & fisheries, forestry, climate, satellite technology & data processing. So, if any of you[…]

Drawdown Fellowship Program

Central to the effort of democratizing and extending the Drawdown model and approach to collective impact is the Drawdown Fellowship Program. This unique opportunity brings together a community of passionate researchers working to help achieve a shared goal to reverse global warming. The fellowship combines collaborative research assignments, pragmatic trainings, and access to the global[…]

Summer Course: Sustainable Agrifood Management in Indonesia (SAMI) 2018

  We are pleased to inform you that Summer Course Sustainable Agrifood Management In Indonesia now is open for applicant! Participants will have a special occasion to do social activity in Indonesia based on Sustainable Agrifood Management in Indonesia (SAMI) especially for Traditional Culinary and Handicraft in Bogor regency and Jakarta. You will also learn[…]

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) will be Hosting Various International Seminars/Workshops in 2018

As one of many efforts to improve university’s performance, IPB has been organizing various internationalization programs since many years ago. The departments and research centers of IPB are encouraged to hold international seminar as the form of internationalization program. Through “International Seminar/Workshop Support Program”, IPB offers the opportunity and the facility for faculties, departments, research[…]