Sophia Lecturing – Research Grants

[SOPHIA LECTURING – RESEARCH GRANTS] This year, Sophia University is offering Sophia Lecturing – Research grants to a number of selected applications. Please find the requirements on the following explanations: Requirements: An applicant must hold the rank of full-time professor, associate or assistant professor, instructor, or assistant at a 4-year university. An applicant must specialize[…]

The 5th LISAT Symposium 2018: Abstract Submission

The 5th LISAT Symposium 2018 is coming around the corner! The series of the event include abstract and paper submission which the abstract submission will be starting from 13 July 2018. The themes of this year’s LISAT Symposium are agriculture, marine & fisheries, forestry, climate, satellite technology & data processing. So, if any of you[…]

Drawdown Fellowship Program

Central to the effort of democratizing and extending the Drawdown model and approach to collective impact is the Drawdown Fellowship Program. This unique opportunity brings together a community of passionate researchers working to help achieve a shared goal to reverse global warming. The fellowship combines collaborative research assignments, pragmatic trainings, and access to the global[…]

PATPI – SEAFAST International Seminar

  We are pleased to announce that PATPI-SEAFAST International Conference Science-based Ingredients: The Future for Food in Asia is calling for applications! Innovations and developments in food technology, processing and ingredients continue indefinitely to fulfill demands of the ever-growing global population seeking food safety and nutritional security. Considering the dynamics of the food ingredients for[…]

Community Service Scholarship

Scholarship for Students Actively Participating in Green Activities   GreenMatch believes in sustainability and promoting greener living. In an effort to encourage and empower young individuals to play their part in helping the community through green activities and initiatives, GreenMatch would like to award a student with a scholarship of £1,000 for excellence in green initiatives. Eligibility[…]

Penawaran Bantuan Mobilitas Dosen Tahun Anggaran 2018 Tahap Kedua

Dalam rangka meningkatkan capaian World Class University Ranking (WUR) dan Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Institut Pertanian Bogor menawarkan bantuan Program Pengembangan Kerjasama Berbasis Kepakaran (Mobilitas Dosen) Tahap Kedua, Tahun Anggaran 2018 bagi para dosen/staf di lingkungan IPB. Aplikasi paling lambat diterima di Direktorat Program Internasional pada hari Selasa, 31 Juli 2018 pukul 16.00 WIB. Untuk[…]

IPB Engages in Professional Collaboration with World-Class Universities

Entering the half period of 2018, there are a lot of interesting news about universities’ development coming up to the surface, requiring the universities to prepare more fresh and modern way of disseminating their research and attracting outstanding students. Universities’ development in the term of education and collaboration are the key factors to make the[…]