Welcome Remarks

Dear partners, friends, and well-wishers of Bogor Agricultural University!As we have might known that the primary vision of IPB is to become a world class techno-socio-preneurial university and leading in the area of tropical agriculture, marine science, and biosciences. Therefore Rector and academic staff of the University, are responsible for the creation of new systems of values, particularly in education, science, and culture, which represent the main pillar for development and prosperity of future generations. Globalization of education and the 4th Industrial Revolution presence are inevitable and must be faced by the University. This condition, challenges us to deal with global change and high level of competition in many aspects including disruptive phenomenon in higher education business model. As one of the largest, oldest, and prominent university in Indonesia, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) is especially charged to lead in tropical agriculture, marine & biosciences through global interconnections. IPB aims to create interconnectivity between locals activities and global demands through innovation and creative education. On behalf of Bogor Agricultural University, I invite our potential patners and students from all around the world to collaborate in research, education and outreach that can increase human prosperity, security and the community welfare.