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A GRA for Indonesian is available for the topic of: “Trade, Development and the Environment for Oil Palm, Coffee and Wildlife Commodities”.

The TRADE Hub project in Indonesia focus on trade of agricultural commodities, i.e. palm oil and coffee, and wildlife species which are important for Indonesia. The industries has been the leading industries supporting the growth of the economy, particularly, in advancing rural areas. However, challenges to achieve sustainable trade remain persist especially on reconciliating the socioeconomic development and environmental externalities. The main goal of TRADE Hub activities in Indonesia is formulated to address the trade-offs from global trade of palm oil and coffee. The project expects to deliver benefits for the country while reducing impacts to high-risk forested landscapes and their rural communities. It is also expected to enhance information related to legal and illegal trade of wildlife commodities in Indonesia, particularly the most exported group of species. Understanding the actors as well as their power relation and benefit-sharing in trade-context may help in addressing illegal trade issues then led to contribute the efforts to strive for sustainable trade.

Project Overview
The aim of this project are to support early career researchers and professionals and to generate new knowledge for decision makers to better apply sustainability principles for commodity production and trade from high risk forested landscapes.

Main Topics
– Analysis of barriers and costs of sustainability standard implementation for smallholders
– Analysis of politics and power-dynamics related to market and regulatory demands for achieving sustainable production of commodities in high risk deforestation landscape

Required background
1. A MSc degree in a discipline relevant to the PhD project
2. Background in forestry, agriculture, economics or related background
3. Working knowledge of computer data systems.
4. Experience with bio-economic modelling
5. Strong knowledge of the local field situation, network in palm oil/coffee industry.
6. Excellent oral and writing communication skills in English
7. Passion for doing research
8. Affinity with the topic is an advantage.

Further information
The PhD program will be carried out at IPB University, Indonesia. The research will be mainly carried out in Indonesia, but there is opportunity to short course/research at partner institutions ( In order to be admitted to the IPB University PhD programme, selected candidates will have to go through the admission procedure.

For more information please contact Mr. Miftah Rahman (

To show your interest, please submit your CV and a letter of motivation before July 17, 2020, to Director of International Program and mailed to

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