IPB News Update September 2021 by Subject Natural and Health Science

Lecturer of IPB University Attends WHO Southeast Asia Workshop on Health and Climate Change as Indonesian Representatives

The World Health Organization for the South East Asia Region has held a 3-day workshop to discuss the adaptations towards climate change on health. Two lecturers of IPB University, Perdinan, PhD and Ikrom Mustofa, SSi, MSc, were present at the workshop as representatives of Indonesia. The workshop was attended by stakeholders from countries in South East Asia.     Read more >

81 Multinational Researchers Present Research Findings in International Symposium on Biodiversity

EMBRIO, which is a network initiative established by IPB University, has successfully held its fifth international symposium. This year, it was organized with the theme of Fisheries and Sustainable Biodiversity in the Era of COVID-19. This international symposium was attended by 81 researchers from multiple countries including Chili, Finland, England, Japan, the Philippines, and Germany who presented their research findings on the topic.   .Read more >

IPB University Student Creates Self-Heating Instant Cream Soup to Improve Calcium Intake

A team of IPB University students has created a unique innovation: the self-heating Instant Cream Soup sold as AutoZoup. The product packaging uses CaO as its self-heating material and the product itself is fortified with duck shell flour which contains high calcium contents. The team hopes for the product to increase Indonesia’s calcium intake which is still below the standard. Over 450 packs of AutoZoup have been sold in 10 provinces in Indonesia.    Read more >