IPB News Update September 2021 by Subject Fisheries and Marine Science

81 Multinational Researchers Present Research Findings in International Symposium on Biodiversity

EMBRIO, which is a network initiative established by IPB University, has successfully held its fifth international symposium. This year, it was organized with the theme of Fisheries and Sustainable Biodiversity in the Era of COVID-19. This international symposium was attended by 81 researchers from multiple countries including Chili, Finland, England, Japan, the Philippines, and Germany who presented their research findings on the topic.     Read more >

IPB University Builds Fisheries Cyber Center to Digitalize Indonesian Fisheries and Marine Data

The Fisheries Cyber Center was established between IPB University and universities in Indonesia offering studies Fisheries and Marine Science. The center itself comes in the form of a website which digitalizes data of Indonesia’s fisheries and maritime. A sub-program of FCC, which is the Shared Orientation program, brings 4000 together students of fisheries and marine science from multiple universities to a joint orientation program introducing them to campuses and digitalized self-learning through fun virtual reality games and workshops.    .Read more >

Doctoral Student of IPB University Researches Zooplanktons in the Jakarta Bay

Hanung Mulyadi, student of IPB University’s Doctoral Program researches zooplanktons in Indonesia’s waters. The zooplankton and its environmental DNA were sampled from two distinct ecosystems: the coral reef ecosystem and mangrove ecosystem, to investigate the dynamics of Indonesian planktons. The research was initiated at the Jakarta Bay, under the guidance of Dr Hawis Maduppa, lecturer of IPB University’s Department of Marine Science and Technology.    Read more >