IPB News Update September 2021 by Subject Agriculture & Forestry

Melon-Harvesting Robot, IPB University Innovation for Smart Harvest

IPB University researchers designed a smart innovation called the melon-harvesting robot. The robot could automate melon harvest and help farmers to determine the fruits with the best level of ripeness which could increase the quality of harvest. This innovation was possible with the collaboration of PT XL Axiata and Dian Nuswantoro University in planning and developing the robot in IPB University’s Advanced Research Laboratory.        Read more >

IPB University Collaborates with Sherpa Space Inc and Green Plus Inc to Develop Smart Farming

IPB University signs MoU with Sherpa Space Inc and Green Plus Inc to collaborate on the development of smart farming technology. Both institutions have shown their enthusiasm for the collaboration to produce beneficial technology which could widely impact societies in South East Asia.   .Read more >

IPB University Extends Collaboration with CIFOR-ICRAF to 2026
IPB University has extended its collaboration with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the World Agroforestry (ICRAF) until 2026. The positive outlook for the partnership was expressed by both the Rector of IPB University and the Executive Director of CIFOR-ICRAF at the 71st e-IPB Talk on Complexity and Sustainability Sciences held by IPB University’s International Collaboration Office.          Read more >