IPB News Update May 2021 by Subject Enviromental Sciences


IPB University Ranks 7th in the World for SDG #2 Zero Hunger in THE Impact Rankings 2021

IPB University has been ranked 7th in the world by THE Impact Rankings 2021 for the 2nd Sustainable Development Goal: Zero Hunger. IPB University has also been placed within the Top 100 for three other SDGs which were 64th for SDG#15: Life on Land, 77th for SDG#14: Life below Water, and 65th for SDG#1: No poverty.  Read more >

Occurrence of Jakarta’s Land Subsidence Due to Massive Developments Discovered by IPB University Academician

Academician of IPB University, David Situmorang, SIK, has found that massive developments in Jakarta has created a new issue which is land subsidence. Excessive usage of groundwater and developments in the capital city has led to severe land subsidence, reaching -4.9 cm per year in North Jakarta. He presented his research findings at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2021.      Read more >

Dr Hawis Madduppa Highlights the Importance of Indonesian Marine Ecosystem in Indonesia Young Scientists Academy Webinar

Dr Hawis Madduppa, IPB University’s Head of Marine Science and Technology Department, stressed the importance of marine and coastal ecosystems for the development of Indonesia’s economy, social and culture aspects in an Economy Biodiversity Webinar held by Indonesia Young Scientists Academy on April 27th, 2021. Dr Hawis also presented important points in relation to marine biodiversity and sustainability.  Read more >