IPB News Update May 2021 by Subject Agriculture & Forestry


IPB 3S Rice Praised by the Indonesian President for Producing 11 Tonnes of Rice per Hectare

IPB University’s 3S Rice was created as an innovation of new rice variety by IPB University researcher. The rice variety had recently been praised directly by the Indonesian President during his visit to the field for producing 11 tonnes per hectare of harvest. Besides this variety, Dr Hajrial Arwidinoor, the researcher in mention, had also innovated eight other rice varieties.      Read more >

IPB University Ranks 7th in the World for SDG #2 Zero Hunger in THE Impact Rankings 2021

IPB University has been ranked 7th in the world by THE Impact Rankings 2021 for the 2nd Sustainable Development Goal: Zero Hunger. IPB University has also been placed within the Top 100 for three other SDGs which were 64th for SDG#15: Life on Land, 77th for SDG#14: Life below Water, and 65th for SDG#1: No poverty.  Read more >

Sago in the Spotlight for “Food Estate” by IPB University’s Sago Expert

IPB University researcher, Prof Hasjim Bintoro, explained the role of sago and its advantages as a food source in a sustainable agriculture, specifically for the program Food Estate which was created by the Indonesian government to maintain the Indonesian food security.   Read more >