IPB News Update July 2021 by Subject Fisheries and Marine Science

Summer Course of IPB University Vocational School Talks about Innovation and Adaptation of the Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Sectors in the VUCA Era

The 3rd International Summer Course on Sustainability of Tropical Animal Production involving 200 participants from Southeast Asia and Canada was held on the 5th- 16th of July this year with the theme of Aquaculture Innovation to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change. The event focuses on factors which play a part on creating a sustainable aquaculture system as well as the changes brought by a modern management system in animal husbandry.     Read more >

IPB University Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Study and Center for Agrarian Studies Discusses Jakarta Bay with Christian-Albrecht University 

Two working units of IPB University which were the Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Study and the Center for Agrarian Studies had worked together with Kiel Marine Science under the Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel to organize a workshop discussing the socioecological transformation of the Jakarta Bay. Both experts and government representatives were present to hold an open discussion regarding the Jakarta Bay development and its impact towards the environment and fishermen whose livelihood depend on it.      Read more >

Summer Course on Seafood Sustainability and Safety Engages 145 Multinational Participants 
The Department of Aquatic Product Technology under IPB University’s Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science has held a summer course with the theme Seafood Sustainability and Safety in Asia Pacific which was started on June 30th. The summer course was attended by 145 participants from numerous Asia Pacific countries and offered five interesting subthemes under the main topic of sustainable fisheries.      Read more >