IPB News Update January 2021


IPB University Student Wins Third Best Presenter in the ARN Symposium, Japan

Student of IPB University, Siska Anggiriani, has won the Third Best Speaker for presenting her research on “The Role of Subterranean Termites in Microplastic Transportation in the Terrestrial Ecosystem” at the 5th Asia Research Symposium Node (ARN), hosted by Kyoto University, Japan. Her research was done under the collaboration of IPB University with the Biomaterial Research Center of LIPI and RISH-Kyoto University. Read more >

The Bright Career of IPB University’s Young Alumnus: From Founder of Ecofun Indonesia to International Achievements

Alumnus of IPB University’s Faculty of Agriculture, Annisa Hasanah, has made her mark both in business and academically. She is the founder of Ecofun Indonesia, a company focusing on the manufacture of eco-friendly board games and has received at least ten international awards along with two national awards in the past four years. The following article recites the journey of her career to inspire the youth.. Read more >

Collaboration between IPB University, WUR, Farmers, and Industry to Produce High Quality Products

Recently, a seminar which was part of the Sustainable Intensification Dairy Production Indonesia Project (SIDPI) was held by IPB University’s Faculty of Animal Husbandry on January 13th. The seminar was held in order to socialize the results of SIDPI’s programs to the local Indonesian farmers and focuses on what efforts could be done to increase the farmers’ incomes through more efficient management systems.  Read more >

IPB University, LAPAN and UNDP Tested WebGIS Ecosystem and INA-Alert to Monitor Land Cover 

A surveillance system developed by IPB University, the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space and the United Nations Development Programme was trial tested in the field on December 28-29, 2020. This event was attended by several speakers including Pelalawan Region’s Environmental Agency Head, Eko Novitra and lecturer of IPB University specializing in Environmental Analysis and Geospatial Modelling, Dr Yudi Setiawan. . Read more>

IPB University’s SEAMEO BIOTROP Enters New Collaboration for Education with the Philippines

IPB University’s Southeast Asian Regional Center for Tropical Biology (SEAMEO BIOTROP) has reached out to 23 universities in the Philippines to discuss on a potential partnership in education for Indonesia and the Philippines. The discussion was held online on January 8th and was attended by the board leaders of the universities involved. The collaboration proposal was warmly welcomed and points to be pursued in the partnership has also been established.    Read more >