IPB News Update February 2021

IPB University Establishes Athletic Partnerships with 10 Erasmus+ SPIRIT Institutions

An MoU between IPB University and Lovely Professional University (India) has been signed as part of the Erasmus+ SPIRIT program. The partnership focuses on collaborative efforts in an interdisciplinary curriculum for sports education, which includes its management and efficient nutrition. A coordinative meeting between 12 international institutions involved in the Erasmus+ SPIRIT program has also been held at the same time. Read more >

Prof Arif Satria Talks About University Leadership at the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) Seminar 

An International Webinar held by the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) was held on February 10 with the main focus being the universities’ leadership in relation to education during the pandemic. Prof Arif Satria, Rector of IPB University was present as speaker to talk about how universities and students must adapt while still maintaining a high standard of education and maintaining health protocols. The event presented speakers from leaders of international universities including universities from Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, and Indonesia. Read more >

IPB University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Hosts the 2021 AJIVE International Symposium, Strengthening Relations with Japan

IPB University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the oldest veterinary medicine faculty in Indonesia has held the 2021 AJIVE International Symposium as host. The Association of Japan-Indonesia Veterinary Education (AJIVE) has members from 5 universities in Japan and 11 universities in Indonesia. The seminar is held annually and this year it was held on the 13th of February through an online meeting platform. Besides the main scientific event, discussions for partnerships were also held between the faculty deans present at the event.  Read more >

IPB University Alumni Receives Monbukagakusho Doctoral Scholarship for Neuroscience in NAIST Japan  

Latiful Akbar, alumnus of IPB University’s Biology Department and former Ambassador for IPB University has received the Monbukagakusho scholarship to continue his Doctoral Degree in NAIST’s (The NARA Institute of Science and Technology, Japan) Division of Material Science with a research focus on Neuroscience. Latif graduated from his fast-track degree as the Most Outstanding Student from his department and has shown great interest in Neuroscience ever since undergoing his undergraduate program in IPB University. Read more>

With an Innovative Agrotourism Landscape Design, IPB University Students Won First Place at the ICoSAFS Conference

Four students of IPB University’s Department of Landscape Architecture have won first place in the International E-Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Farming System held by IPB University’s Faculty of Agriculture in collaboration with the International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences (ISAAS). Their innovative design for Sawah Baru education area brings a fresh look on the potential developments of agrotourism locations.    Read more >