IPB News Update Economics and Econometrics February 2022

IPB University’s Faculty of Economics and Management and Economic Science Enters Top 25 Percent of Indonesia’s Best Institutions and Economists

IPB University‘s Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) and the Department of Economic Science have successfully entered Indonesia’s Top 25% of Best Institutions and Economists according to IDEAS/RePEc. IPB University’s FEM placed within the Top 10 of the list. IDEAS/RePEc evaluates 8,490 institutions and 63,606 registered authors for the ranking evaluation.


IPB University’s Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) and Department of Economic Science (IE) have successfully entered the Top 25% of Indonesia’s Best Institutions and Economists per December 2021 according to IDEAS/RePEc. IPB’s FEM is within the Top 10 of the list with an author score of 11.28, 11 authors and author share score of 9.15.

The Dean of FEM, Prof Nunung Nuryartono conveyed that in addition to supporting knowledge-based economy, performance in publication is one of the most important indicators to become a World Class University and Research-Based University. He also explained that publications written by FEM lecturers show real contribution of the lecturers and increase the visibility of the institution. IPB University’s Department of Economic Science, on the other hand, placed 11th with an author score of 14.47 from 5 authors. Dr Sahara, Head of the Economic Science Department showed her gratitude in regard to the achievement, especially considering that the department is still relatively new. With strengths in econometrics and other quantitative analysis, the progress of economists from this department has been widely recognized in scientific publication, on both national and international levels.

IDEAS/RePEc is a website which provides links to various research rankings in the economics and related fields. On its page, it is mentioned that there are 8,490 institutions with 63,606 registered authors which have been included for the ranking evaluation.

Several of FEM’s lecturers have also ranked within the top 25% of the list of Top Authors in Indonesia, including Prof Hermanto Siregar, Dr Tony Irawan, Prof Nunung Nuryartono, Dr Syamsul Hidayat Pasaribu, Dr Iman Sugema, Dr Mohammad Iqbal Irfany, and Dr Amzul Rifin

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IPB University’s Business School In-Depth Digital Business Course Invites CTO of Microsoft Indonesia as Speaker

Panji Wasmana, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Microsoft Indonesia, was present as a speaker at IPB University Business School’s In-Depth Digital Business Class to talk about “Data Driven Digital Transformation”. In this course, Wasmana presented the lessons learnt from Microsoft’s business journey in the era of digital transformation. This lecture was participated by over 250 students, as well as lecturers from IPB University’s Business School.


The development of digital technology has been rapid and integrated in all aspects of our daily routines, including business. With this reality, the business industry must adapt and utilize this development for its advancement. Business students are no exception and must be prepared to enter this world of business. In order to do this, IPB University’s Business School has initiated the In-Depth Digital Business Course. The course is in line with the newly implemented K2020 curriculum in IPB University.

The course kick-started with a general lecture themed “Data Driven Digital Transformation” held on January 28th, 2022, with Panji Wasmana, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Microsoft Indonesia, who is also an alumnus of IPB University, as speaker. The lecture was attended by over 250 students of both undergraduate and graduate program, as well as lecturers from IPB University’s Business School.

In his opening speech, Prof Noer Azam Achsani as Dean of IPB University’s Business School, conveyed that the advancements of digital technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and even the currently trending metaverse are the future of business. With the Rector’s mandate, IPB University’s Business School has undertaken the challenge of developing graduates adaptable to digital business. The digital business course is starting in the second half of the 2021/2022 teaching semester, as a complementary entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship course to the in-depth courses already being taught in the Business School, especially for the undergraduate program.

Panji Wasmana described in his presentation about how digital transformation is a journey within an organization. The transformation agenda is characterized by the appearing disruptions relating to human resource and processes ongoing due to the use of data. Digital transformation is bringing a multitude of change, one of which is collaboration through the downward supply chain. This actually reduces risks and opens up a new niche in the market and allowing for new business models to thrive.

He added that lessons learnt from Microsoft show that innovation and transformation for a business organization has the aim bridging the gap between business and consumers, empower employees, optimize business activity and operation, as well as transforming products from the business organization itself. An example of Microsoft’s journey in leading the world’s digital transformation is the building of a data foundation used as a scorecard to evaluate the performance of business in every aspect. Continued by business analytics to understand consumer behavior and obtain much larger insights. Last but not least, Microsoft also utilizes machine learning and AI to enrich the capabilities and experience of the business. Due to this, there are necessary attributes needed for the success of digital transformation, including data capabilities, data culture, and the right partner to support.

In the end, the agenda of digital transformation agenda must be conducted in three areas: application, process, and human resources, to achieve an inclusive transformation.

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Four IPB University Lecturers Enter the Top 100 Best Scientists in Economics and Econometrics

Four of IPB University lecturers have made it on the 100 Best Scientists in Economics and Econometrics list, AD Scientific Index version. These lecturers are Dr Irfan Syauqi Beik, expert in Sharia Economics, Prof Hermanto Siregar, expert in Econometrics, Prof Bambang Juanda, expert in, among others, Experimental Economy, and Prof Noer Azam Achsani, expert in Econometrics, Finance and Banking.


Four IPB University lecturers, Dr Irfan Syauqi Beik, Prof Hermanto Siregar, Prof Bambang Juanda and Prof Noer Azam Achsani, have entered the list of 100 Best Scientists in Economics and Econometrics according to the AD Scientific Index. On their webpage, the AD Scientific Index mentioned that this Top 100 scientist ranking is based on the total h-index which measures the productivity and impact of a scientist’s publication.

Dr Irfan Syauqi Beik, lecturer of IPB University’s Sharia Economics Department under the Faculty of Economics and Management, placed 49th on this list. Dr Irfan has also received the Independence Prize 2020 from the Yatim Mandiri, a national Amil Zakat institute for his work in Zakat, Infaq, Shodaqoh, and Waqaf. While Prof Hermanto Siregar, expert in econometrics, placed 58th on this list. Prof Hermanto has previously been entrusted with numerous strategic positions before such as the National Economic Committee, the Madani National Capital Commissioner, Commissioner of BRI Syariah Bank, and the President of the Indonesian Society of Agricultural Economics.

Prof Bambang Juanda, who had placed 83rd, had been IPB University’s Head of Regional and Rural Development Planning Postgraduate Study Program throughout 2008-2016. He is an expert in Experimental Economy, Fiscal Decentralization, Regional Economy Development, and Public Finance Management.

In this ranking, Prof Noer Azam Achsani placed 87th. Prof Noer is the current Dean of IPB University’s Business School. His expertise is in Econometrics, Finance and Banking, as well as International Economic Relations. He had also been active in Bank Indonesia, the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK), the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the World Food Programme – United States (WFP-UN) and had served as the President of the Indonesian Economics Association Bogor Raya for the period of 2018-2021. This World Top 100 Scientists List encompasses various fields of study which are agriculture and forestry, art, design and architecture, business and management, economics and econometrics, education, technique and technology, history, philosophy, theology, law, medicine and health, natural sciences, and social sciences.

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