IPB News Update Economics and Econometrics April 2022

IPB University Ranks 1st Nationwide in Three Subjects According to QS WUR 2022

IPB University is setting records with new achievements of ranking first nationwide in three subjects and one new subject based on the QS WUR by Subject 2022 list. These subjects include Agriculture and Forestry, Environmental Science, and Biological Science. This new release has also placed IPB University on the list of institution ranking for the Social Science and Management subject.

Early April, QS World University Rankings (QS WUR) has just released their 2022 by Subject list. This year, IPB University makes the list in five different subjects: Agriculture & Forestry, Environmental Science, Biological Science, Economics & Econometric, and Social Science & Management.

QS WUR by Subject evaluates five indicators which includes academic reputation, citation per paper, employer reputation, H-index, and international research network (IRN).

For the field of Agriculture & Forestry, IPB University obtained the score of 73, higher than the previous year’s 71.3 score. With this improvement, IPB University has now placed first in the subject nationally and in ASEAN, while also placing sixth in Asia and 41st in the world.

In Environmental Science, IPB University has obtained 65.3, placing the university again in first place nationally, as well as 11th in ASEAN, 75th in Asia, and 351-400 in the world.

IPB University has also taken a place in the list for Biological Science subject with a score of 53.6, placing first nationally, 13th in ASEAN, 135th in Asia, and 551-600 in the world.

For the field of Economics and Econometrics, IPB University achieved a score of 53.2. This score has placed IPB University in fourth place nationally and 15th in ASEAN. IPB University also places 82nd in Asia and 401-450 in the world for this subject.

The latest achievement of IPB University in relation to the QS WUR by Subject list is making the list for Social Science & Management with a score of 60.5. With this score, IPB University places 6th nationally, 28th in ASEAN, 110th in Asia, and 451-500 in the world.

The Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria, expressed that the improvements in ranking and these latest achievements show the increase of performance in working units and civitas of IPB University. He conveyed his gratitude to all components within IPB University who had worked hard and allowed these acknowledgements to be possible. These achievements mark our excellence in these particular subjects and in order to improve these fields in the future, we are welcoming even more collaborations with our international partners.

FishLog, Creation of IPB University Alumni, Gone Global!

Two alumni of IPB University are taking the fisheries industry by storm with their innovative startup, FishLog. The innovation has received funding from various international companies to scale up their market mover innovation which connects stakeholders of the fisheries industry in Indonesia. The startup has helped more than 100 fishermen from all across Indonesia and is operating their services in 10 Indonesian cities.

FishLog has received and fully utilized its seed funding from investors. This was relayed by the Co-Founders of the startup company “FishLog”, Muhamad Reza Fahlepi and Bayu Mukti Anggara. Both of them are alumni of IPB University’s Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Department of Aquatic Product Technology.  The funding was led by Insignia Ventures Partners, a Venture Capital company based in Singapore. Other investors which had provided funding are Arise, owned by MDI Ventures Telkom-Finch Capital Amsterdam, KK Fund, Ango Ventures, Captain Fresh, as well as angel investors who are: Co-Founder & CEO of Kopi Kenangan, Edward Tirtanata, Co-Founder of AwanTunai, Windy Natriavi, CMO of Shipper, Jessica Hendrawidjaja, and several others.

Fishlog is building a market mover for the benefit of all stakeholders of fisheries in Indonesia by streamlining the seafood supply chain to be more efficient and transparent in a way that is sustainable. Bayu Mukti Anggara explained that the funding has been utilized to scale-up their regional network all across the country and to expand the digital product ecosystem and fisheries services in Indonesia. With this planning for fund allocation, FishLog is enabling new partners to join this ecosystem and increase the team’s capability. Fishlog has previously participated in several competitions and acceleration programs, one of which is the DS Launchpad Ultra.

Bayu also explained that there is more in store for Fishlog in the future as they are planning on focusing on the middle-chain logistics which is similar to other logistic services such as Ritase and Shipper. Currently, Fishlog is holding partnerships with more than 25 warehouses in the coastal area. They have successfully been providing their services to more than 10 cities in Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua. Fishlog had also connected and helped over 100 fishermen with the services they offer. One of the backgrounds of FishLog’s establishment was the observation that many fishermen and farmers face a similar problem, especially in the harvest season, which is the drastic drop of product prices. This has led them to create Fishlog with the mission of helping farmers and fishermen to process fish and handle the post-aquaculture supply chain.


To Strengthen Indonesia-Japan Relations, IPB University’s Business School and ASEAN MAFF Japan Collaborate in HRD Project Phase 3


IPB University embarks on Phase 3 of the collaboration project with ASEAN MAFF Japan through joint lectures on Capita Selecta Business and Management. The partnership was continued to develop since its initiation in 2015 and has several talk shows in plan for the expansion of student knowledge in business with six speakers from Japan.

Manabu Hasegawa, First Secretary of Japan Embassy and Hiroaki Kinoshita as well as Project Coordinator of ASEAN-MAFF Japan HRD had presented a lecture in the first lecture of Capita Selecta Business and Management (KSBM) organized by IPB University’s School of Business, on April 5th, 2022. The event was part of a partnership between IPB ‘s School of Business and ASEAN MAFF Japan HRD Project.

Prof Noer Azam Achsani, the Dean of IPB University’s School of Business, explained that the partnership with ASEAN MAFF HRD Project was initiated in 2015 as the first phase. The collaboration continued with the second phase in 2018 and entered the third phase in 2021. The partnership was integrated into the KSBM classes which invites practitioners and experts to share their experience and knowledge with students. These classes are also called the CEO Talk and Entrepreneurial Development Forum. Prof Noer added that the HRD Project is in line and highly suitable with the learning outcome which KSBM wishes to achieve. The routine activities in this partnership project are joint lectures with speakers from Japan, both professionals and experts in research institutions relating to the food value chain. Besides this, visits to industries in Japan have also been conducted three times.

These activities, which involves both students and lecturers of IPB University’s School of Business are aimed to expand the network and increase interactions with academicians from other ASEAN countries. Besides this, students can also participate in company visits in Indonesia. The purpose of these visits is to widen the knowledge of students in relation to the process of business as it is practiced in the field. One of the upcoming programs from this partnership is a talk show which invites young entrepreneurs from both Japan and Indonesia. One of the speakers who will be present at this talk show is Melody Nurramdhani Laksani, the Japan-ASEAN Goodwill Ambassador on Food and Agriculture.

In relation to the partnership in 2022, Prof Noer Azam explained that the classes will be held six times with a total of six speakers. Additionally, there will also be a workshop held by Kinoshita. Speakers of this program will be representatives of Yoshinoya, Fujitsu, IDACA, Mayekawa, and MAFF Japan.