IPB News Update August 2021 by Subject Agriculture & Forestry

Biology Department of IPB University Holds International Conference on Biodiversity

The 4th International Conference on Biosciences was successfully held by IPB University’s Biology Department on August 12th. This event was the result of a collaboration between IPB University, the Indonesian Biological Society and Universiti Putra Malaysia. Johannes Kieft from the United Nations Environment Programme Indonesia (UNEP) was present to talk about sustainability for biodiversity and described the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to ensure sustainable developments which would conserve biodiversity.     Read more >

Student of IPB University Achieved International Award for Food Product Development 

Two student teams from IPB University have won Second Place and Honorable Mention in the 2021 IFTSA (Institute of Food Technologists Student Association) Competition which brings the theme “Developing Solutions for Developing Countries” on July 22nd for their presentations. This competition challenged the students to present a developed idea to overcome food scarcity during the pandemic. .  Read more >

Trial of IPB 3S Rice Executed in Blanakan, Subang, by IPB University’s Faculty of Agriculture
IPB University innovation, the 3S Rice Variety, goes through trials in Blanakan paddy fields. This location was selected due to the challenges often faced relating to sea water flooding, caused by the fields’ close proximity to the coasts. In this trial program, representatives of IPB University’s Faculty of Agriculture visited the fields and held discussion with the local farmers, government, and those involved in the project.      Read more >