International Talk Program: Stepping Stone to Reach International Experience


Last Saturday (12/05) Dr. Sintho Wahyuning Ardie, the Deputy Director for International Program Services delivered a talk in the INSTAGRAM (International Program Talk), organized by Student Executive Board of IPB (BEM KM IPB). The talk focused on the opportunities to attend international events and the introduction to some collaborative programs between IPB and foreign universities. The talk was also attended by Dr. Ujang Suwarna and Lindawati Kartika, M.Si who motivated the students to be ready to get through the international selection process and to apply for the next batch of SHARE Scholarship in 2019. There was also Mu’minah Mustaqimah as the representative of IPB students who was willing to share her experiences in attending several international events.

It was a great and motivational talk that we hope can broaden the students’ way of thinking and can encourage students to participate in various events as the representative of Indonesia and IPB itself.