International Class

Starting in 2018, IPB opens an International class. There are three study programs that open the International class, namely

  1. Veterinary Medicine, for further information please download here
  2. Food Science and Technology (ITP), for further information please download here
  3. Agricultural Industry Technology (TIN). for furhter information please download here

The International program selection method is the same as the UTM pathway method through written examinations in English. Written examinations include Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Specifically for the Veterinary Study Program, there are test material on Veterinary Medicine.

The tuition fees for international classes can be seen at


The 2018 International Class participants in 2019 must meet the following requirements:

Indonesian citizen and foreign citizen
Graduates of both domestic and foreign science / high school / in 2017, 2018 or 2019
Physically and mentally healthy

The capacity of the International class for veterinary medicine is 30 students while ITP and TIN are 25 students each.



Registration is carried out online through the website

Registration Schedule: Middle of May – the Beginning of July

Writing Exam Schedule: Mid of July

Exam Result Announcement: End of July