FY2018 Summer Japanese Business Internship Program

We are pleased to inform you that the call for Japanese Business Internship Program has been opened! Students are welcomed to carry out a short stay program for 37 days which consists of Japanese language & career education and internship in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

The participants shall pay the admission fees (¥59,200), airfares, meals and other sundries during their stay in Okinawa. However, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) will provide a scholarship for selected students covering the fees with the amount ¥160,000 (two installments of ¥80,000) and the University of Ryukyus will cover the accommodation fees during the program period.


At the University of the Ryukyus’ Global Education Center, we would like to carry out a short stay program for students who have a desire to work in a Japanese business and hold a high level of Japanese language proficiency.

This program is a study course designed to teach students communication competency and Japanese business manner in an actual business setting. Students will also learn professional teachings of differences concerning both Japan’s business culture and society in comparison with foreign styles.

Through this internship program, students will be able to effectively maser practical business skills to and will be able to play an active role in a company. And also the program will make them promote their understanding of the working in Japanese businesses.

Program Content

This program will last for 37 days in total, with the first two weeks being designated for studying the Japanese language and career education, and the last two weeks, consisting of the internship work at a company in Okinawa Prefecture.

The business Japanese language study and career education course will consist of teaching students the basic knowledge of how to both write and verbally communicate in a Japanese business setting as well as to gain a greater understanding of Japan’s business culture. This will be a period designated to prepare for various customs and proper behavior in a Japanese business.

The actual internship portion of the program will consist of working at an actual company in Okinawa Prefecture. Through this phase, each participating student will be matched with a company that fits their proficiency and aptitude level. At the end of this internship program, a debriefing section will be conducted, and an opportunity will be provided to future challenges and solutions, to be used as a means to master practical skills more efficiently.

Application Information

Those interested in applying, please contact your home university’s adviser (International Collaboration Office IPB) for more details in regards to the Japanese Business Internship Program Application and Information and submission of the application form.

*For those applying from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Hilo campus, applications MUST be submitted by the individual student.

**Deadline of application submission: May 25, 2018

〇Japanese Business Internship Program Application Information(PDF

〇Application Requirements

  1. Application form 1(PDF)(WORD
  2. Application form 2(PDF)(EXCEL
  3. Certificate of current enrollment at applicant’s home university(written in either English or Japanese)
  4. Applicant’s academic transcript obtained from home university(written in either English or Japanese)
  5. Letter of Recommendation(can be written in any format, in either English or Japanese)
  6. (2)Passport sized photos(Approximately 4cm x 3cm, taken within six months of application submission; picture must contain no background)


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