February 2020

Elsevier Ranks IPB University 1st in the World for Oil Palm International Research Publication

According to Elsevier Research Intelligence, a reputable data center in Singapore, IPB University ranks highest in the world in term of international research publications relating to oil palm with a total of 69 published articles. This achievement was reached partly because of IPB University’s multiple partnerships from both local and foreign institutions, including many reputable universities across the world. Read more >>
IPB University Rector’s Speech on Kasetsart University’s 77th Anniversary: SDGs Networking

IPB University’s Rector presented a speech about the Sustainable Development Goals and how networking would be fundamental in achieving those goals at the 77th Anniversary of Kasetsart University, Thailand. In his speech, he highlighted problems we face in the food, maritime, environmental, and human wellness sectors. This also included efforts made by IPB University to achieve the SDGs. Read more >>

Ambassador of India to Indonesia Visit during Indian Forest Service Training with IPB University

India’s Ambassador to Indonesia and Representatives of the Embassy of India visited IPB University to strengthen partnership between Indian institutions and IPB University. They also came to attend the opening of Professional Skill Upgradation Course (PSUC) for Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officers 2020, a collaboration program between IPB University and BioAcademy Finland. Read more >>

IPB University Alumni Appointed as Head Representative of IRRI South East Asia

Dr. Yurdi Yasmin, alumni of IPB University’s Faculty of Forestry, was appointed as Head Representative for the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), South East Asia Region. In his position, he is tasked to push forward programs related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while also increasing partnerships between South East Asian countries and institutions. Read more >>

IPB University Student Elected as Coordinator at World’s Largest Veterinary Student’s Association, IVSA Global

IPB University student, Cahyani Fortunitawanli, was elected as Public Relations Coordinator of the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) Global, where she is also the only committee coming from Asian region. IVSA is named the world’s largest veterinary students’ association totaling members from 73 countries, 194 Member Organizations, and over 38,000 members worldwide. Read more >>

IPB University Student Receives International Recognition from Cargill Scholarship

IPB Department of Mechanical and Biosystems Engineering student—Tegar Nur Hidayat, was given international recognition namely the Superior Academic Achievement and Leadership by Cargill Global Scholars Program. Hidayat received a scholarship and participated in various leadership programs at Cargill. Read more >>