IPB signed agreement with various international higher education and research in terms of education, research and human resources development. IPB also consistenly seek to improve and develop its international programs, especially with high quality universities such as: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Copenhagen University, Flinders University, University of Groningen, etc. The current international collaboration in education are:

Double Degree
Double Degree Indonesia – French Univesities
Partner Universities: SupraAgro Montpellier, Agro Campus Quest, Paul Sabatier University, Art et Metiers Paris Tech, The Institute
Polytechnique Toulouse, Universite de Nantes, University Henri Poincare Nancy, Aix Marseille Universite.

Double Degree Indonesia – Japan Universities
Partner University: Chiba University, Ryukyus University, Ibaraki University, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Gifu University, Kyoto University

Double Degree Indonesia – Australia
Partner University : Adelaide University

Joint Degree

SUIJI (Six University Initiative Japan – Indonesia)
Partner University: Ehime University, Kagawa University, Kochi University

International Agribusiness and Rural Development
Partner University : George-August University of Goettingen – Germany

Partner University : Adelaide University, Australia