campus life



What is Restricted Here?
Here are some restriction arround the campus:

  • Smoking in some public area
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Porn stuff

If you consumed food and drink containing pork, lard, and their derivatives please be aware as muslims are not allowed to eat those kind of food and drink. You might not find those food around the campus, but you can find them around china town (nearby botanical garden).

Here are some tips that you might want to know about Indonesian gestures.

  • Always use your right hand only to pass or receive an object
  • A slight bow is polite when saying hello and goodbye to a host
  • When interacting with other person, one should avoid expressing negative air of resentment, arrogance, or hostility. Smiling, even toward strangers that you are interacting with or someone that accidentally met you eyes are considered polite.

Greetings with international hi or hello is nice, but try to speak Indonesian will show your efforts. These are some greeting you might have to acknowledge

  • Selamat Pagi!
  • Selamat Siang!
  • Selamat malam!
  • Apa kabar?

To address muslim by using islamic greeting assalamu’alaikum are also might draw admiration and will be replied with waalaikum salaam.

In daily campus life, dress is upscale casual as students usually wear slacks, shirts, pants, and blouses. Dress with something that is well covered. Shorts, no-sleeve t-shirt, and mini skirt are not appropriate. Wearing sandals are considered as unappropiatte as well when you meet lecturers, and attending classes. In Indonesia, you might see some women (muslims) wear veil which covering their hair in daily. For some formal occasions, you can use batik shirt for your formal dress.

Code of Conduct
Academic Role and Regulation

Student Activities
Explore the campus and seek out fellow students with similiar interest in classes or clubs. There is a wide choice of clubs and organizations representing many interests of students. You will find cultural and religious associations, sports team, and sport clubs, student Executive Board of Student organizations, academic societies, music, traditional dance, teather groups and some othe activities. For futher information please visit

Student Associations
There various student clubs and associations registered in the universty. International students are represented by International Student Forum (ISF). They aim to make student life as exciting as possible by organizing many social, culture, and sport activities. At the postgraduate level namely Forum Wacana.