Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) was established on 1 September 1963 and it is the only agriculture university in Indonesia. IPB focuses its activities on food security, energy, bio-medicine, poverty reduction, and environment and ecology. IPB was established to be center of excellence in agriculture (in board perspective) and to promote scientific research benefiting the future of mandkind. IPB is one of the national’s foremost institutions of higher education in Indonesia well-known not only for its remarkable diverse range of subjects, but also for its research-lead teaching and outstanding scientific environment. IPB is comprised of 9 faculties and 38 departments offering 48 doctoral study programs, 79 master study programs, 38 undergraduate study programs and 22 vocational programs.

The university has more than 21 research centers and other facilities. The IPB campus is spread over four locations which are Darmaga Campus, the Baranangsiang Campus, Taman Kencana Campus, and the Gunung Gede Campus. The main campus is located in Darmaga, about 11 km west Bogor municipal area.

To support IPB’s academic activities, IPB possesses a number of supporting unit such as the central library. IPB owns land assets totalling 559.1 ha, including an experimental farm totalling 262.1 ha and campus grounds of 297 ha. IPB has also held an Educational Forest for 140.300 ha. In addition, IPB maintains 8 students dormitories to accommodate up to 6.000 students. Jasa Pembuatan Website Universitas

There are 58 activity student units covering sports, professional activities, community services and other activities. 39 BOGOR AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY IPB achive numerous award such as five stars for internationalization (QS Star), Intellectual Property Right Award, Extra Ordinary for Intellectual Award, Center of Excellence for science and Technology, the most prospective innovation campus, etc.