Arriving at Indonesia International Airport
At some stage during your flight to Indonesia you will be handed an Incoming Passanger Card to fill out. Answer the questions accurately and truthfully, especially those about the items in your luggage that you may have declare to customs officials. If you are unsure of where to go or what to do when you disembark from your flight in Indonesia, ask an official for help, they will guide you.
Clearing Immigration and Customs checkpoints

Once you land, you will follow the signs to an Immigration checkpoint. At that place you will need to show your passport, visa and Incoming Passenger Card. You may also have to show your confirmation of enrolment. Once you have cleared this checkpoint you will enter the baggage hall where you can claim your luggage and proceed to customs and baggage examination. Your luggage, including your hand luggage, will be x-rayed. A customs officers will ask you to open your luggage so that they can inspect these items. If the customs officers decides than an item is not quarantined, you will be allowed to keep the item and move out. If the item is quaranted, the item will either be confiscated and destroyed, or held for decontamination and returned to you at a later date.