April 2019

IPB Launched Portal Exclusively Dedicated to Sustainability

After recently ranked as Indonesia’s 2nd and world’s 40th Most Sustainable University (UI-GreenMetric 2019), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) launched the IPB Sustainability portal (sustainability.ipb.ac.id). The portal summarizes and promotes IPB’s SDGs-related projects and accomplishments. Minister of National Development Planning of Republic Indonesia extended his praises and appreciations during SDGs portal launching on last January 24th, 2019. This is seen as one-step-further action by IPB in expanding and reinforcing SDGs implementation pace. Read more >

IPB SDGs’ Accomplishments in Top 100 Times Higher Education University Impact Ranking 2019

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) is in the worldwide’s top 80 university standings for three indicators of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG #12), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG #9), and Climate Action (SDG #13). Besides, IPB also is ranked #101-200 for Gender Equality (SDG #5) and Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG #11) as well Top 301+ for Partnerships for The Goals (SDG #17). These achievements proved once again the efforts of IPB in realizing aims in solving global sustainability issues. Read more >

IPB Mobile for Student, Lecturer, Staff, and Parents: Readiness towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era

Reflecting towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) as one of campuses in Indonesia with a considerably-high level of academic activities within not less than 29,000 students, must come up with a ground-breaking solution. IPB Mobile application series (IPB Mobile for Student, IPB Mobile for Parents, IPB Mobile for Lecturer, and IPB Mobile for Staff) are recently launched in order to tackle academic administration service-related challenges via free smartphone apps. Read more >

IPB Lecturer Awarded GlobeAsia’s 99 Most Inspiring Women

Dr. Yessie Widya Saristaf—IPB lecturer once again proved herself to be such an inspiring role model and high-achieving researcher. She was recently enlisted at GlobeAsia’s 99 Most Inspiring Women 2019 and acknowledged for her remarkable work on the bioplastics-based food packaging. Read more >

Enzymatic Membrane Reactor Research Brought IPB Young Lecturer “The Best Research Presenter”

Dr-Ing. Azis Boing Sitanggang—IPB young researcher achieved “The Best Research Presenter” award at the 24th Indonesia Toray Science Foundation research grant seminar in Jakarta on March 5th2019. Toray Industries, Inc. is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan that specializes in organic synthetic-, polymer- and bio-chemistry. Dr-Ing. Azis’ work accomplished to shorten enzymatic reaction in Enzymatic Membrane Reactor that often takes longer time; where this is highly applicable in various industries including no- or low-lactose dairy products. Read more >

IPB–Kagawa University–Ehime University–Kochi University Reinforced Ties through SUIJI SLP

The collaboration ties between IPB and three top Japanese universities—Kagawa University, Ehime University and Kochi University, is once again strengthened through the Six University Initiative of the Japan-Indonesia-Service Learning Program (SUIJI SLP). Students, lecturers and staffs from entire parties partook in this program for total 10 days in four villages in Indonesia. Read more >