Agustus 2019

IPB University as Top 3 Indonesian Best Public Universities and Most Joint Publications Contributor

IPB University maintained strong standing by ranking 3rd in 2019 Best Public Universities by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia—scoring 3,577; just below ITB (3,671) and UGM (3,594). New indicators used this year included foreign lecturers number, online learning, percentage of graduates employed after 6 months, citations per lecturer number, and patents per lecturer number. IPB University is also placed nation’s most contributor of joint publications (29%), followed by LIPI (16%). Read more >

IPB University Freshmen Set 3 World Records

IPB University 2019/2020 freshmen of both undergraduate and vocational degree set 3 Record Holders Republic’s world records during this year’s orientation. Total 3,626 undergraduate freshmen’s 112 different lenticular images and 56 different formations accomplished “The Most Lenticular People Formation”. Whilst, total 2,200 vocational freshmen were recorded as “Configuring Mosaics with the Most Used Plastic Bottles” and “Configuring Formations with the Most Totebag Media”.  Read more >

Orientation and Indonesian Independence Day Celebration with IPB International Students

IPB University welcomed all international students of the Odd Semester 2019/2020 originated from 5 continents: Asia (Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea and Pakistan), Australia, Africa (Liberia, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan and Tanzania), America (U.S.) and Europe (France and Germany). The International Student’s Orientation Day was held on August 8th, 2019 in IPB Darmaga Campus, Bogor. On August 17th, 2019, not less than 40 students from 13 nations celebrated together the 74th Indonesian Independence Day through series of traditional game events. Read more >

IPB University Hosted Indonesia–U.S.A.’s Research Collaborations Enhancement Workshop 

IPB University, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia and U.S. National Science Foundation together organized the “Workshop on Enhancing Collaboration Between the US & Indonesia in Biodiversity & Conservation Research” on July 16th-18th, 2019. Besides DCM Heather Variava, not less than 60 top researchers from two nations (including IPB University, LIPI, ITB, UGM, UI, Harvard University, Yale University, Cornell University and Texas A&M University) merged together to initiate potential joint research. Read more >

IPB University Granted 2 “Best Presenter”s & “Best Student Team” in ISCO-ISS 2019

Delegations of Department of Soil Science and Land Resources, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University brought home 3 awards during International Seminar and Congress of the Indonesian Soil Science Society on August 4th-6th, 2019 in Bandung, namely “Best Presenter” award in both categories: lecturer (Dr. Syaiful Anwar on amelioration-derived pH influence on soil nutrients) and student (Mr. Rizal H. Gumbara on organic soil cation exchange comparison study); and Winner of Soil Judging Contest (Mr. M. Anis Fuandi and Mr. Bayu A. Santosa). Read more >

IPB University Students Swept 4 Awards at ASEAN SLP 2019 in Malaysia

Brilliant achievements were marked by IPB University student delegations during ASEAN Service Learning Service Program 2019 held by Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia on July 11th-24th, 2019. It aimed to be students’ exploration and sharing platform within society through community services, especially on agriculture 4.0 and cultures. Total 4 awards (involving 12 granted IPB students) were given to the delegations: “Best Group Presentation”, “Best Group Performance”, “Best Male Participant” and “Best Female Participant”. Read more >