1. International Dormitory

International Dormitory is among IPB’s Supporting Business Units (SUP) under the management of the Directorate of Business Development of IPB. The main purpose of managing this building is to provide accommodation for foreign students studying at IPB and for guests visiting IPB. The International Dormitory has two floors with an area of 3 x 4.5 square meters for each room. International Dormitory consists of 44 rooms with a capacity of 1 person for each room with facilities: AC, bathroom, one bed, wardrobe, book cabinets, and study tables. This property is the only one within the IPB area that runs monthly rent service (while the others are measured per night). The price for each person is Rp. 236.000 per night and Rp. 2.200.000 per month. In addition, each floor has a common room that can be used to gather and as a place to relax for guests. Then to add to the comfort of guests, the rooms have also been equipped with a wireless internet facility, refrigerator, dispenser, kitchen, and television set, which can be used together.

2. Wisma Amarilis

Wisma Amarilis provides comfortable accommodation for all IPB residents and the general public from outside IPB. Wisma Amarilis Building consists of three floors with each different function(s): 1) The ground floor is used as a student lecture venue as well as a common room/meeting place, reception place for guest house/lobby, entrepreneurial corner as a means to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of students and business areas to meet the needs of guest house and IPB community in the form of canteens and photocopy center. 2) The second and third floors are designated as lodging rooms with size of 5 x 4.5 m equipped with furniture on each floor and shared space facilities. The facilities available at Wisma Amarilis include wireless internet facilities, prayer room, meeting room, park lot and gazebo, as well as a fairly large courtyard.

No Room Type Facilities Price/night/room
1 Standard A (16) Two beds, bathroom outside, fan Rp220.000
2 Standard B (11) Three beds, bathroom outside, fan Rp260.000
3 Superior (6) Two beds, bathroom inside, fan Rp275.000
4 Deluxe (6) Two beds, bathroom inside, AC Rp330.000

3. Wisma Landhuis

Wisma Landhuis Guest House currently has 8 rooms. In addition to rooms, Guest House Landhuis also rents other supporting facilities, such as meeting rooms, shared dining rooms, and a sports area (gym). Below are displayed 2 room types available to rent per night, where each type provides facilities e.g. AC, bathroom, water heater, TV and breakfast.

No Room Type Price/night/room
2 King Size Room Rp400.000
3 Double Bed Room Rp400.000