Our Organization

IPB University was established on September 1st, 1963 and it marked as the only agriculture-based university in Indonesia.

IPB University focuses its activities on food security, energy, bio-medicine, poverty reduction, and environment and ecology. IPB University is established to be center of excellence in agriculture (in board perspective) and to promote scientific research benefiting the future of mankind.

IPB University is one of the national’s foremost institutions of higher education in Indonesia well-known not only for its remarkable diverse range of subjects, but also for its research-lead teaching and outstanding scientific environment.

IPB is comprised of 9 faculties offering myriad ranges of departments and study programs for all degrees: vocational, undergraduate/Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral (PhD). IPB University runs 25 research centers, including 6 national excellence centers.

IPB campus is spread over five (5) locations, namely IPB Dramaga Campus (main), IPB Baranangsiang Campus, IPB Taman Kencana Campus, and IPB Gunung Gede Campus. Main campus is located in Darmaga region, about 11 km west Bogor municipal area.

To support academic activities, IPB University possesses a number of supporting unit such as the central library, faculties/departments library, Advanced Laboratory and numerous lectures halls, workshops and laboratories. IPB University owns land assets totaling 559.1 ha, including an experimental farm reaching to 262.1 ha and campus grounds of 297 ha. IPB University has also owns educational forest as large as 140 thousands ha.

In addition, IPB University maintains 10+ students dormitories to accommodate up thousands of students. There are 60+ students activity units covering sports, arts, cultures, professional activities, community services, etc.

IPB Directorate of International Programs/International Collaboration Office (ICO) is unit under coordination of Vice Rector for Collaboration and Information Systems.

ICO IPB consists of two sub-directorates, namely International Program Services and Collaboration & International Relation.

Bringing out our main task, in carrying out technical and administration assignments in initiating and coordinating international activities to encourage IPB academia to go-international– our functions and excellence are comprised of:

1. To manage collaboration meeting with international partners and/or potential partners between spokespersons in university/institution, faculty, department or individual level.

2. To initiate effective global engagements through MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) and/or MoA (Memorandum of Agreement).

3. To promote joint research development altogether with international and national partners.

4.  To arrange proposal discussion, open call publication, selection and nomination on international mobility [short (summer/winter) course, 1-2 semester-long exchange, internship, joint dual (double or joint) degree, etc.] for students and staffs, including pre-and-post-mobility matters coordination.

5. To provide Travel Grants for mobility funding.

6. To hold general lecture by experts originating from global partner institutions, one of which is through “The IPB Talks on Complexity and Sustainability Sciences” to boost-up learning in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) realm.

7. To facilitate and prepare necessary travel documents of departing academia for international mobility abroad.