Penawaran Program Academic Rechanging untuk Mendukung WCU (PAR WCU) Tahun 2018

Yth. : Para Dekan Fakultas Para Kepala Pusat Penelitian-LPPM   Sehubungan dengan penawaran Program Academic Rechanging (PAR) untuk Mendukung World Class University (PAR WCU) Tahun 2018, bersama ini kami sampaikan pedoman program PAR WCU tersebut. Kami memohon bantuan Bapak/Ibu untuk dapat menyebarkan informasi penawaran program PAR WCU ini kepada para dosen di fakultas atau pusat[…]

The 11th IPB Talks on Complexity and Sustainability Sciences “Land Use Change, Water and Drought”

      Directorate of International Program held The 11th IPB Talks on Complexity and Sustainability Sciences “ Land Use Change, Water, and Drought” on July 10, 2018. Dr. Henny A.J. Van Lanen as Associate Professor Wageningen University and Research (WUR) delivered his presentation about“ Drought: Part of a Multi-hazard Early Warning System”. Dr. Suria[…]

Impact of Oil Palm Plantation on Physical and Chemical Environment, Biodiversity and Local Socio-Economic

  The area of oil palm plantations has increased threefold which makes Indonesia as the world’s largest producer of palm oil. With an area of no less than 11.6 million hectares, oil palm plantations have given various positive impacts, such as generating national income of 220 trillion IDR / year, alleviating rural poverty, providing the[…]

Sophia Lecturing – Research Grants

[SOPHIA LECTURING – RESEARCH GRANTS] This year, Sophia University is offering Sophia Lecturing – Research grants to a number of selected applications. Please find the requirements on the following explanations: Requirements: An applicant must hold the rank of full-time professor, associate or assistant professor, instructor, or assistant at a 4-year university. An applicant must specialize[…]

The 5th LISAT Symposium 2018: Abstract Submission

The 5th LISAT Symposium 2018 is coming around the corner! The series of the event include abstract and paper submission which the abstract submission will be starting from 13 July 2018. The themes of this year’s LISAT Symposium are agriculture, marine & fisheries, forestry, climate, satellite technology & data processing. So, if any of you[…]

Drawdown Fellowship Program

Central to the effort of democratizing and extending the Drawdown model and approach to collective impact is the Drawdown Fellowship Program. This unique opportunity brings together a community of passionate researchers working to help achieve a shared goal to reverse global warming. The fellowship combines collaborative research assignments, pragmatic trainings, and access to the global[…]