Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment

It is a great pleasure to invite your students to join Summer Course SIL 2022 with the theme of “Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment”, which will be held on

🗓️ September 5-17, 2022
🌐 Via Zoom Meeting

APPLY NOW, we are offering:
1. Online Course
2. Focus Group Discussion
3. Student essay and poster competition

1. Transferable course credit (2 credits)
2. Expert lectures and class discussions
3. Cultural exchange opportunity
4. Certificate

The topics of this summer course:
1. Soil Improvement
2. Building Material
3. Waste to Feed
4. Water and Wastewater Treatment
5. Green Building
6. Sustainable Built Environment Planning
7. Agricultural Environment
8. Energy and Carbon Implications of Vehicle Automation
9. Traffic Management
10. Hydraulic Engineering
11. Water Foot Print

Registration form:

Please submit the registration form by August 29, 2022.


This summer course is organized by:

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, IPB University.

Contact Person :
+62 896 56011084 (Joana Febrita)
+62 896-5454-9380 (Andik Pribadi)


Learn more about this summer course: https://