IPB News Update July 2021 by Subject Environmental and Engineering

International Collaborative Symposium on Arboriculture Held to Increase Awareness of Green Prescription for Mental Wellbeing

Green prescription, a concept which encourages people to increase their activities spent in nature, had emerged as a way to relieve stress during the pandemic. The concept was presented and discussed at the International Symposium on Arboriculture in the Tropics held by IPB University’s Faculty of Forestry and Environment with the Association of Indonesian Arboriculture, Association of Malaysian Arborists, and Universiti Putra Malaysia.     Read more >

IPB University Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Study and Center for Agrarian Studies Discusses Jakarta Bay with Christian-Albrecht University 

Two working units of IPB University which were the Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Study and the Center for Agrarian Studies had worked together with Kiel Marine Science under the Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel to organize a workshop discussing the socioecological transformation of the Jakarta Bay. Both experts and government representatives were present to hold an open discussion regarding the Jakarta Bay development and its impact towards the environment and fishermen whose livelihood depend on it.      Read more >

IPB Alumni Association and Seameo Biotrop Collaborate on Environmental Leader Talks Webinar for Greener Toll Ways
Alumni Association of IPB University and Seameo Biotrop have collaborated together to support Jasa Marga, the national authority for toll roads, to establish greener toll ways. This collaboration was discussed at the Environmental Leader Talks Webinar held on July 10th this year with the focus on integrating the SDGs and environmental conversation to development projects. The project under the coordination of Seameo Biotrop focuses on conservation of endangered and rare trees.      Read more >