2nd International Symposium on Transdisciplinarity Approach for Knowledge Co-Creation in Sustainability

CTSS-IPB University Organized the 2nd ISTAKCOS. The Scientific Program will cover a wide range of subject areas and disciplines from the land to the sea concerning sustainability and complexity with transdisciplinary approach.

The Coverated Seminar Topics are as follows:
1. Landscape Management & Pollution
2. Coastal zones & Marine Science
3. Ecology, Biodiversity & Governance
4. Global warming & climate change
Please see Important date and More detail topics at ctss.ipb.ac.id
Registration of the participant: ipb.link/2ndistakcos

Publication: Selected paper will be published in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science and Bioscience/Biological Journals.
The Best 10 Paper will received publication grant*
The Graduate students will get free tickets for his/her supervisors and will get an assessment by the seminar moderator which can be claimed as ”a graduate seminar”.
*Terms and conditions apply
Link for Abstract : ipb.link/abstract