February 2020

Elsevier Ranks IPB University 1st in the World for Oil Palm International Research Publication

According to Elsevier Research Intelligence, a reputable data center in Singapore, IPB University ranks highest in the world in term of international research publications relating to oil palm with a total of 69 published articles. This achievement was reached partly because of IPB University’s multiple partnerships from both local and foreign institutions, including many reputable universities across the world. Read more >> […]

January 2020

IPB University Intensifies Collaboration with KOICA for Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Environmental Management

Partnership between IPB University and KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Indonesia results in a plan to develop a Green-Bio Instrumentation Center in IPB University for high quality research. The implementation of this collaboration is planned for expected span of 7 (seven) years, starting from 2021. Training programs, scholarship grants, and development of research laboratories are part of the planned projects stemming from this collaboration. While for KOICA, this collaboration is part of the Republic of Korea’s Strategic Plan for developing countries. Read more > […]

December 2019

IPB University’s Research Performance Ranks 2nd Best in Indonesia

IPB Unversity’s research performance was ranked 2nd best in Indonesia by the Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency. The ranking was based on overall data from 2016-2018 which, among others, included the number of active researchers and foreign lecturers involved in research, journal publication and intellectual property rights. This honorable accomplishment truly credited the success to IPB University’s excellent academic atmosphere. Read more > […]

November 2019

IPB University’s Professor who Testifies Against Firms Causing Indonesian Wildfires Won “John Maddox Prize 2019”

Prof. Bambang Hero Saharjo, a fire forensics specialist and professor from Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry, IPB University has won the prestigious John Maddox prize in London for his takes on companies causing major wildfires in Indonesia. Despite harsh discouragement and lawsuits, Prof. Bambang has testified more than annual fires cases smothering largely of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, puts health of 10 million children at risk. Read more > […]

October 2019

Ministry’s “Academic Leader Awards 2019” Granted 3 Awards For IPB University

Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia held “Academic Leader Award 2019” granted to lecturers with remarkable innovation and leadership. Rector of IPB University—Dr. Arif Satria, together with Prof. Prof. Slamet Budijanto. and Dr. Illah Sailah from IPB Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, are awarded for category of “Lecturer with Added responsibility as University Leader”, “Lecturer” (in Technology), and “Head of Higher Education Service Body”, respectively. Read more > […]

September 2019

IPB University Placed 1st in Ministry’s Science & Technology Index (SINTA) Award

IPB University won the 1st place at the “2019 Science and Technology Index (SINTA) Award” held by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia on September 12th, 2019 in Jakarta. Until 2019, IPB University has produced 469 patents, of which 157 have been granted. Concrete incentive system by government, industrial support and other stakeholders’ assistances in research products’ commercialization are necessities in this regard. Read more > […]

Agustus 2019

IPB University as Top 3 Indonesian Best Public Universities and Most Joint Publications Contributor

IPB University maintained strong standing by ranking 3rd in 2019 Best Public Universities by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia—scoring 3,577; just below ITB (3,671) and UGM (3,594). New indicators used this year included foreign lecturers number, online learning, percentage of graduates employed after 6 months, citations per lecturer number, and patents per lecturer number. IPB University is also placed nation’s most contributor of joint publications (29%), followed by LIPI (16%). Read more > […]

July 2019

THE Golden Age University Ranking Placed IPB University in Top 201–250

IPB University was positioned in Top 201–250 of Times Higher Education (THE) Golden Age University Ranking. THE applies 5 assessment categories: teaching (teaching, learning environment), research (amount, income, reputation), citations (research impact), international views (staff, students, researchers) and industry income (knowledge transfer). This proved IPB’s focus that does not solely concentrate on research and teaching, but also community service programs dissemination and innovation down–streaming. Read more > […]

June 2019

Bogor Agricultural University to IPB University: The Rebranding

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) officially launched its international naming and slogan change to be “IPB University” and “Inspiring Innovation with Integrity”, respectively. IPB Rector—Dr. Arif Satria stated about the brand evaluation importance, where it does not only offer simplicity, but also keeps the original abbreviation (IPB) that has been applied since university’s first establishment in 1963. This rebranding is expected to portray broad-range of provided scientific fields in IPB, in order to regard a more solid and value-added branding at the onwards’ exposures. Read more > […]