Agustus 2019

IPB University as Top 3 Indonesian Best Public Universities and Most Joint Publications Contributor

IPB University maintained strong standing by ranking 3rd in 2019 Best Public Universities by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia—scoring 3,577; just below ITB (3,671) and UGM (3,594). New indicators used this year included foreign lecturers number, online learning, percentage of graduates employed after 6 months, citations per lecturer number, and patents per lecturer number. IPB University is also placed nation’s most contributor of joint publications (29%), followed by LIPI (16%). Read more > […]

July 2019

THE Golden Age University Ranking Placed IPB University in Top 201–250

IPB University was positioned in Top 201–250 of Times Higher Education (THE) Golden Age University Ranking. THE applies 5 assessment categories: teaching (teaching, learning environment), research (amount, income, reputation), citations (research impact), international views (staff, students, researchers) and industry income (knowledge transfer). This proved IPB’s focus that does not solely concentrate on research and teaching, but also community service programs dissemination and innovation down–streaming. Read more > […]

June 2019

Bogor Agricultural University to IPB University: The Rebranding

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) officially launched its international naming and slogan change to be “IPB University” and “Inspiring Innovation with Integrity”, respectively. IPB Rector—Dr. Arif Satria stated about the brand evaluation importance, where it does not only offer simplicity, but also keeps the original abbreviation (IPB) that has been applied since university’s first establishment in 1963. This rebranding is expected to portray broad-range of provided scientific fields in IPB, in order to regard a more solid and value-added branding at the onwards’ exposures. Read more > […]

May 2019

Launching of Total 15 IPB International Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums & Congress 2019

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) is proudly launching this year’s International Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums & Congress—with total of 15 events! Through August-October 2019, myriad scientific fields became the highlighted focus area of these events organized by various IPB faculties, departments and research units. All 15 events’ posters are enlisted in IPB is cordially inviting academia from all over the world to partake in this knowledge exchange. Read more > […]

April 2019

IPB Launched Portal Exclusively Dedicated to Sustainability

After recently ranked as Indonesia’s 2nd and world’s 40th Most Sustainable University (UI-GreenMetric 2019), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) launched the IPB Sustainability portal ( The portal summarizes and promotes IPB’s SDGs-related projects and accomplishments. Minister of National Development Planning of Republic Indonesia extended his praises and appreciations during SDGs portal launching on last January 24th, 2019. This is seen as one-step-further action by IPB in expanding and reinforcing SDGs implementation pace. Read more > […]

March 2019

IPB in Top 100 QS World University Ranking by Agriculture & Forestry Subject 2019

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) showcased its firm standing as part of world’s most prestigious agricultural-and-forest-focused universities; and classified in the same group (QS WUR by Subject: Agriculture and Forestry #51-100) with Yale University (U.S.A), Sydney University (Australia), Universiti Putra Malaysia (Malaysia), Hokkaido University (Japan) and several other well-known universities. Earlier, IPB was also placed in Top 40 Most Sustainable University in the world and ranked 2 nationally, according to the UI Green Metric. […]

February 2019

IPB is Ready to Reinforce Fisheries Sciences’ Impact through International Linkage Program

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) recently officialized its new membership in the International Linkage Program (ILP) on fisheries sciences after Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing with ILP—an international tertiary education consortium focusing on fisheries sciences. IPB Rector hopes to improve the cooperation in preserving marine resources for sustainable development between Indonesia, ASEAN countries and Japan through this collaboration. Read more > […]

International Seminar/Conference/Workshop/Symposium

2nd Asean Business, Engineering, and Technology Symposium Int’l Conference of Biomass & Bioenergy 2020 Int’l Conference on Nutrition & Food 2020 Business Innovation & Engineering Conference 2020 Int’l Conference on Sustainable Management & Innovation 2020 International E-Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Farming System 2nd International Symposium on Transdisciplinarity Approach for Knowledge Co-Creation in Sustainability The[…]