Go Poland Info Session

Go Poland Info Session


Study Abroad Info Session

Goes to Poland

For all who have desire to study at Poland, where the past grandeur meet the present shopistication.

Do not miss the Study Abroad Info Session: Go Poland on Thursday, August 30th 2018 at Sidang Senat Room, lv 6, IPB Rectorate. You will find a speech about Strategic Partnership between Indonesia and Poland by Beata Stoczynska, Ambassador of The Republic of Poland. Also do not miss a discussion between Naradowa Agencja Wimiany Akademickiej, Scholarship and Exchange Program in Poland and Dr. –Ing Dase Hunaefi, STP, M.Food.ST, Head of Sub-Directorate International Relation and Collaboration ICO IPB. There is also sharing session with some Poland Student Returnee!


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CP : Reza (0857 367 621 55)

Free Snack, Drink, and Souvenir Gift!






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